About The Shore

The Eastern Shore:  A True Natural Beauty

The name “The Eastern Shore” refers to the peninsula of land extending south from Pennsylvania hosting Delaware, part of Maryland, and part of Virginia. It encloses the Chesapeake Bay on its western shores and is exposed to the Atlantic Ocean to the East, often called the Delmarva Peninsula.

Natural Setting

Water is all around, and untouched grasslands, forests, farms and crop fields cover the land with a sprinkling of small towns and old estates up the Bay-side coastline. With little industrial development, the centuries-old habitats of these Shore natives thrive. Birds, deer, frogs, foxes and other creatures are very common to find. The nature is truly wild, yet in a serene and beautiful setting.


The whole region is an integral stop for the more than 1 million bird species that migrate through the area each year. It is for this reason Bay Creek’s lights face the ground, so the birds above are not affected. Each year, a Birding & Wildlife Festival is held which brings thousands of bird watchers to the area during the height of migration. Herons, hawks, buzzards, falcons and American Bald Eagles can all be found soaring through the sky.

On The Dinner Table

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is well-known for its fresh seafood and produce. Oysters, blue crabs, clams and seasonal fishes are most popular. Organic, local produce is readily available and part of the regular lifestyle on the Shore. Juicy ripe fruits and vegetables are on sale in our markets, grocery stores, even roadside stands – there’s just so much available! Everything tastes better, and is healthier when it’s made with excellent fresh, local ingredients.

The Community

They love their nature, and we’re sure you will too. Friendly, personable residents mingle at the various hangouts in the many small towns up the Shore. There are a good number of historic families that still reside on their family’s lands and farms too. Tradition, care for the environment, a love of the water and all it encompasses, local art and artists, and the delectable seafood are prideful features of the

What To Do On The Water

Try Kayaking!

Kayaking is popular because you can explore the shallow grassy areas where most boats can’t go. It’s a low-impact activity that rewards with great photos and some up-close encounters with the natural landscape.

Bay Creek’s Private Beach

The beaches at Bay Creek are gentle and pristine, with less than 1-foot high waves and a very slight grade. It’s very relaxing to wade through our coved beaches and find sea glass (really!), tiny Bay critters and feel the soft rippled bottom on your bare feet! And after you see one sunset from our beach, you’ll understand.

Exploring The Barrier Islands

The many small shifting barrier islands and shoals on the Atlantic coast of the Eastern Shore are as untouched and wild as if no community ever lived there. Tour operators will proudly narrate the history of the once-inhabited islands and their brave citizens who rescued many from the ships run aground on the treacherous shifting sea floor. The Barrier Island Center Museum does a wonderful job of relaying this community’s history and that of the Shore itself. A must-see for any newcomer!

Bay Creek