Local Artisan Spotlight: Tammy Edmonds

Artists have always been inspired by nature and the world around them. So is the case with Eastern Shore artisan and Bay Creek resident, Tammy Edmonds. Her objects d’art are elegant and intriguing in their own right. But we think one of the best parts is that each piece reveals a bit about the spirit of the unique Barrier Islands we call home.

Tammy draws from the wild, natural aesthetic of the Eastern Shore’s Barrier Islands for inspiration. When it comes to creating a piece of art, it all starts with the materials—driftwood, seashells, coral…  

“We take our Skiff out to the Barrier Islands to search for and collect shells,” says Tammy about collecting raw materials with her husband Bruce. Bruce is no stranger to oysters either—he is co-owner of Sam Rust Seafood and loves the Eastern Shore environment.

She finds shells on the beach that have long since been vacant of sea creatures. “The shells I select have been worn by the ocean and dried by the sun,” says Tammy. “So I only have to wash them with fresh water before using them in my art. I don’t need to use any chemicals—they’re all natural.”

Her art pieces range in style from abstract to representational, and decorative to utilitarian. Her coastal-sophisticated style is evident in all her creations: elegant wreaths, oyster shell vases, wall art, picture frames and more. Her color sense and aesthetic speak of the sea, the Bay and the maverick Eastern Shore spirit that flows through this special place we call home.

Tammy Edmond’s work can be found at:

  • Seagrass Floral & Apothecary, 235-B Mason Ave Cape Charles, VA
  • Chatham Vineyards, 9232 Chatham Rd Machipongo, VA
  • Simply Vintage, 3117 Kings Hwy Suffolk, VA
  • Honey House Boutique, 9 East Mellen Street Hampton, VA
  • Chatham Vineyards, 9232 Chatham Rd Machipongo, VA
  • Coastal Classic ESVA, 300 Mason Ave Cape Charles, VA (Coming Soon)

For commissions, please inquire via email: TammyEdmonds63@gmail.com

Bay Creek