A History of Thoughtful Development

Over the past 30 years, we’ve evolved into more than a real estate company. More than a developer of multi-faceted communities. We can’t simply be reduced to brick-and-mortar construction. Or master plans. Those are components of what we do— but they aren’t who we are.

Who we are is different and much more intentional: Preserve Communities strives to create purposeful developments that enhance quality of life. That is our driving force. It means we care not only about what happens to the land, but also about the living experience of families, as well as the long-term effects on the region at large. We don’t simply put down a community on a plot of land. Rather, we carefully consider the ramifications of development and seek to establish communities that are befitting of their individual settings—both urban areas and natural landscapes. It is imperative that our developments blend seamlessly with the essence of each locale.

At Preserve Communities, we strive to create:

  • Community with an authentic sense of place
  • Wellness focused on a healthy living environment
  • Quality of Life and sense of well-being
  • Green Spaces with vital links to nature and the Bay

Bay Creek is the newest addition to the Preserve Communities portfolio. With a picturesque location that combines laid-back coastal living and beach-time adventures, it’s the ideal setting for families, golfers, nature lovers, and those looking to escape the busy city for a relaxed beach community. Preserve Communities aims to expand Bay Creek’s already stellar reputation with a re-imagined vision of its state-of-the-art amenities, year-round outdoor activities, and active lifestyle programming—promising a multi-generational community that’s appeals to a diversified set of homebuyers.  With equal emphasis on preserving the beauty of the Eastern Shore and enhancing the premier features of the community, Preserve Communities looks to elevate the finest points of coastal living at Bay Creek.

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Bay Creek